10 Tips to Make Trim Day Smoother

In order to help make the farrier’s visit a positive experience for your horse, you, and me, the following is a set of guidelines that will help us achieve that goal.


  1. …have your horse caught with clean and DRY legs and hooves.  I understand that sometimes weather conditions make this difficult.  Dry hooves help preserve the life of my tools, which helps keep my costs down and allows me to keep my prices down.
  2. …have your horse in a properly fitted halter (rope halters are acceptable) with a functional lead line.
  3. …be on time.  My day is scheduled in advance and there are often client appointments after yours.  Punctuality helps keep everyone on schedule.  I understand that things sometimes come up, so please let me know in advance with as much notice as possible.
  4. …have an adult or teen horse handler present.  If your horse handler is inexperienced, please let me know and I can help guide them with what to do.  I cannot accept the responsibility of a child holding the horse.
  5. …refrain from using your cell phone while holding the horse.
  6. …make an honest attempt to work with your horse if it has trouble standing for farrier work.  If you are not sure what to do, it’s okay to ask me!
  7. …have payment ready at the time of service.  I accept various payment methods and can even accept pre-payments and deposits in advance.  Cash is the preferred method of payment!  Let me know if you are having trouble affording payment.
  8. …spray your horse with fly spray during fly season while I’m getting my tools together.  A comfortable horse is more likely to stand better, which helps the visit run more smoothly.
  9. …provide me with a clean, flat, well-lit space to work in.
  10. …do not apply hoof oil to your horse’s hooves for a few days before my visit.  Hoof oil clogs up my tools which shortens their life span, which increases my costs, and forces me to increase my fees.  However, applying hoof conditioner no sooner than the day before my visit will help a little!

Still have questions?  Contact me!