Precision Hoof Care & Equine Services

cropped-INV23logo.jpgDeb Van Tongeren is a top Frederick, MD barefoot trimmer on!

I am a reliable, dependable barefoot trimmer who has undergone private training with a traditional farrier.  I have experience riding and training horses of all breeds and disciplines.  I am patient and gentle with senior horses and can adapt to their special needs and physical limitations.  I work primarily with miniature horses, small ponies, and donkeys, but senior horses also hold a very special place in my heart.

My personal riding horse is a Straight Egyptian Arabian named Imperial Kahlaam.  You can follow “Rabbit” on FaceBook here:  Imperial Kahlaam on Facebook.

I am happy to work with miniature horses, ponies, donkeys (standard and miniature), mules, gaited horses, and standard horse breeds, whether they’re a pasture puff, pleasure mount, or performance horse.  Equines with good manners are appreciated!

Accepted payment methods are: cash, check, credit card, debit card, and PayPal.

Please check the 10 Tips to Make Trim Day Smoother page for a checklist on how to prepare for your visit with me!

I am accepting new barefoot trimming clients in Frederick County, Maryland and surrounding areas.  I regularly travel into Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia.  My contact information is available here: contact me.