Precision Hoof Care & Equine Services

Debora Van Tongeren is a reliable, dependable barefoot trimmer who has undergone private training with a traditional farrier.  She has experience riding and training horses of all breeds and disciplines.  Debora is patient with senior horses and can adapt to their special needs and physical limitations, and kind enough to work with sensitive horses.

Debora’s personal horse is a Straight Egyptian Arabian named Imperial Kahlaam.  You can follow “Rabbit” on FaceBook here:  Imperial Kahlaam on Facebook

Debora is happy to work with miniature horses, ponies, donkeys (standard and miniature), mules, gaited horses, and standard horse breeds, whether they’re a pasture puff, pleasure mount, or performance horse.

Accepted payment methods are: cash, check, credit card, debit card, and PayPal.

Please check the 10 Tips to Make Trim Day Smoother page for a checklist on how to prepare for your visit with Debora!

Debora is accepting new barefoot trim clients in Frederick County, Maryland and surrounding areas.  My contact information is available here: contact me.